CPF: Social Innovation in Southern European cities

Published at: 10 January 2019

Call for papers
Social Innovation In Southern European Cities: Discourses, practices, policies and politics.
Workshop @ GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute (l'Aquila, Italy),
4-5 June 2019

How much is it ‘social’ in terms of focusing on local communities, creating inter-class cooperation, or bringing new sources of support to counter-hegemonic struggles? And how much is it mere ‘innovation’ that pays less attention to aspects of social justice and to the transformation of inherited neoliberal urban development and governance models, promotes entrepreneurialism, and involve just middle-class interests? The present workshop explores the discourses, practices, policies and politics of socially innovative projects that have been induced by global and local challenges.

Detailed info at: https://goo.gl/dy8K5Q


Please submit a long abstract of 4.000/5.000 characters (including spaces) presenting the topic, methodology (for empirical papers) and relevance of the contribution by February 11th. Acceptance will be communicated by February 25th.
Short papers of 25.000 characters (including spaces) will have to be submitted by May 20th at the latest.

CPF: Social Innovation in Southern European cities