Call for Papers, Projects and Initiatives - INUAS Conference 2019

Published at: 13 December 2018


INUAS-conference series - Urban Transformations: Housing / Resources / Public Spaces

International Conference 2019


FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences, Vienna


Monday, 4.11.2019 – Wednesday, 6.11.2019


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The international conference "Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries" will focus on the topic of housing in growing cities, which will be discussed from different disciplinary and applied perspectives. The merging of diverse knowledge and the discussion of scientific and occupational expertise on the basis of current research results, innovative projects and urban interventions, will serve to discover and develop new perspectives on social housing and sustainable development. An attitude that respects the reality of life and the residents’ future plans "on site" is essential in order to define urgent challenges, identify innovation potentials, and discuss options of management on a societal level.

In the current dramatically tense urban housing markets in European and global metropolises, social tensions between the state, the market and the population are particularly evident under the condition of urban growth: a lack of housing for an increasing and mobile population, enormous price increases for rental and owner- occupied apartments, rapidly rising housing costs for low-income households. The increasing densification in attractive locations, the scarcity of public space, the upgrading of urban centers and the associated displacement effects, as well as the development of new neighborhoods and public infrastructure with limited urban budgets and space capacities, represent major challenges for housing supply in many places. Demographic change, growing environmental pollution and unequal living conditions are simultaneously increasing the pressure on state protagonists and democratic procedures to develop socially inclusive, health-promoting and resource-efficient housing policies.

Rapid urban growth is associated not only with economic prosperity, the development of new fields of knowledge and technological innovation, but also with economic inequality, social polarization and environmental costs. Against this background, complex dynamics are taking place between centers and peripheral urban areas, in which urban functions and urban usage are shifting, new patterns of suburbanization are emerging, and places of living and dwelling are changing rapidly. In the context of this transformation of housing, a multitude of transdisciplinary and applied questions arise in order to secure the accessibility, supply and living conditions of urban populations and to be able to design alternatives for the sustainable development of residential areas.

Research topics and perspectives

The conference "Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries" focuses on challenges in eleven thematic tracks. Each track is outlined by two themes that generate tension in the context of housing, open up new perspectives or discursive spaces, and invite exchange. Researchers and stakeholders from the fields of architecture and urban planning, urban studies and housing research, social work, art and culture, economics, social sciences, health sciences, technical sciences and more, are invited to submit scientific contributions and projects from urban practice on the following topics.

  • I. Affordable Housing – Quality of Life
  • II. Gentrification − Public Space
  • III. Health − Social Exclusion
  • IV. Densification – Neighbourhoods
  • V. Housing Markets – Zoning Policies
  • VI. Mobility − Urban Climate
  • VII. Digitalisation − Self Determination
  • VIII. Urban Development − Self Organisation
  • IX. New Housing Forms − Building Sustainably
  • X. Informal Housing – Micro Living
  • XI. Land Use Policies − Local Economies


The INUAS (International Network of Universities of Applied Sciences) was founded in 2011 as an institutional cooperation of three Universities in the DACH region - the Munich University of Applied Sciences (D), the FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences (A) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH). The INUAS network continues the inter- and transdisciplinary discourse on urban transformations in growing cities and invites to the international conference series "Urban Transformations: Housing / Resources / Public Spaces". The series starts with the international conference "Housing under Pressure", which will take place in Vienna from 4 to 6 November 2019. This will be followed by the conference series "Resources" in Munich (2020) and "Public Spaces" (2021) in Zurich. The aim of the conference series is to promote inter- and transdisciplinary exchange on urban transformations, to discuss existing challenges in growing cities and regions, and to contribute to the sustainable development of urban spaces.


Submission of contributions is due 31st of January 2019. Notification of acceptance of contributions will take place at the end of March 2019.


The conference itself costs € 140,- (students € 50,-) for delegates. Volunteers and submitters faced with vulnerable employment situations pay a reduced conference fee of € 50, - (including coffee and lunch breaks catering) after acceptance of their contribution. The delegates’ journey and accommodation costs will not be reimbursed.


The presentations and contributions to discussions can be held in either German or English.

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