RSA Annual Conference 2017, Dublin, Ireland

Published at: 24 January 2017

Great Regional Awakening: New Directions

4th June, 2017 - 7th June, 2017
Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin, Ireland

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Conference details

Bursary application deadline: Tuesday 31st January 2017
Abstract submission deadline: Friday 24th February 2017


A ‘Great Regional Awakening’ is underway. There is a growing realisation that regional inequalities have both contributed to, and amplified, the ‘Great Recession’ that shook advanced and emerging economies alike. It is also becoming apparent that the crisis has been having very different impacts spatially. This will only help to further exacerbate uneven economic development, fuelling more trouble down the line. In Europe, major economic fault-lines are re-emerging between and within national economies; between the core and the periphery; between urban and rural areas; between city-regions and within cities themselves. This pattern is replicated elsewhere - in advanced, emerging and developing world. There is an urgent need to re-examine all aspects of local and regional development and how it relates to national and international economic dynamics; and to social, political, cultural, technological and environmental processes. Having spent over 50 years advocating more balanced regional development, the Regional Studies Association is now spearheading a major effort to address these pressing issues in such challenging times.

We are thus calling upon regional studies experts, spatial scientists, economists, business studies scholars, political scientists, local development specialists, urban geographers, spatial planners, transport experts, development studies scholars, environmentalists, sociologists, economic geographers, financial geographers, academics, researchers and practitioners alike, to join us to be part of ‘New Directions’ in regional studies!

Conference organisers

Academic Organisers: 
Dr. Dieter Kogler, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Martin Sokol, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

RSA Organiser:
Lesa Reynolds:

RSA Annual Conference 2017, Dublin, Ireland